Office and Client Requirements and Procedures

What we're doing to in response to Covid-19

The new TDLR Requirements for Salons didn't change much for us, most of the extra sanitation procedures we've already been doing for over 7 years, but there have been a few changes, and some thing's we've added beyond the new regulations "just because"...  

  • Clients will no longer be allowed to "overlap" inside the office, and children or companions will not be allowed into the office to wait for you during your appointment.
  • Temperatures will be taken prior to your appointment with a "no-contact" thermometer.  Anyone running a fever of 99.8* or higher will not be seen
  • Technicians will take their temperature before every client to ensure they are fever free.
  • Technicians will wear face masks during your appointment.
  • Technicians are required to wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and water between clients. (Typically we wash for 2 minutes up to our elbows with antibacterial soap)
  • All tools and implements will be sanitize between clients.  We actually sanitize in Barbicide and then sterilize in a UV sterilizer.
  • Beds are cleaned and sanitized between clients with a disinfectant spray.
  • Towels are not reused between clients, used towels are stored in a covered bin, and they are washed and dried on "sanitary" cycle with detergent and bleach.
  • Hard surfaces are to be cleaned with a disinfectant.  We spray "Microban-24" every evening on all doors, light switches, lash cases, glue bottles, lamps, trash cans, computer keyboard and mouse (wiped not sprayed), sterilizer and towel warmer doors, counter tops, chairs, the underside of the bed and chairs, pens and styluses, the mag swipe for credit card payments, the mini-fridge and the hand sanitizer bottles, and anything with buttons that are touched...   

"Microban 24 Hour Sanitizing Spray keeps killing 99.9% of bacteria** for up to 24 Hours, even after multiple touches. This 3 in 1 cleaner Sanitizes for 24 Hours, Disinfects and Deodorizes. Use on high touch hard surface areas like door handles, light switches, remotes,  or soft surfaces like couches, coats, sports bags, strollers and backpacks**Effective against S. aureus & E. aerogenes, ***Effective against Human Coronavirus, Influenza a H1N1 & Respiratory Syncytial Virus."

  •  We have added a True HEPA Large Room (600 sq ft) Air Purifier. The True HEPA filter effectively captures up to 99.97% of microscopic allergens as small as 0.3 microns, from the air that passes through the filter.  HEPA air filters were first developed as part of the Manhattan Project to protect against biological contaminants. 
  • We have added a water based Anion Air Cleaning system supplemented with colloidal silver, cleaned weekly and filled with distilled water, to further filter and purify the air within the office.  Water, on a molecular level, is actually a very sticky substance.   Water-based air revitalizers capitalize on this by running dirty air through a spinning vortex of water, which grabs all of the pollutants before it finally releases clean air.  Silver prevents bacteria and algae from building up in their filters so that they can do their job — getting rid of bacteria, chlorine, trihalomethanes, lead, particulates and odor. 

Client Requirements

There are a few new things that clients are required to do before, during, and after their appointments.

  • Clients are required to review the TDLR "Minimum Standard Health Protocols"   CHECKLIST FOR COSMETOLOGY/HAIR SALON CUSTOMERS prior to their appointment. (See link below)
  • Text (469) 667-8728 when you are in the parking lot and we will let you know when you can come into to the office.  PLEASE DO NOT COME DOWN TO THE OFFICE, WAIT OUTSIDE THE DOOR, OR WALK IN UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD IT'S OK TO ENTER.
  • Clients are to wear face masks when inside the suite.
  • Temperatures will be taken when you arrive for your appointment, if you are running  a fever your appointment will be cancelled. 
  • Clients are to use (provided) hand sanitizer when they walk in for their appointment and again after they pay for their service. 
  • 6 Foot Social Distancing shall be maintained whenever possible.
  • Please review our cancellation policy prior to booking your appointment!

TDLR Forms and Checklists

"Open Texas" Health and Safety Checklists for Salons and Customers

Cosmetology Salon Requirements (pdf)


Customer Requirements (pdf)