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What technique will they use to apply your Eyelash Extensions? 

Korean Method 

This technique only uses two lash lengths in one diameter, and they are only applied to your longer (shedding) lashes. This technique does not  emphasize separation of the lashes, and frequently results in "clumping". Additionally, since extensions are only applied to shedding lashes, touch-up appointments are needed every 1-2 weeks.

Alternative Technique

While this method does emphasize separation of your lashes, it only uses one lash length attached to your resting phase natural eyelashes.  The theory behind this is that the older, longer, shedding lashes will shed soon and are not worth bonding.  Using just one length across the lash line can look artificial, tangles, and fails to support extensions on shorter lashes.

Three-Length Bonding Technique

This method emphasizes separation of your natural lashes, and matches the extension length to the corresponding growth phase of your natural eyelash.  Short extensions are applied to baby lashes, medium lash extensions on resting ones, and longer lash extensions on shedding ones.  This lasts longer, looks natural, and looks better during the natural shedding cycle of your eyelashes.  Foundation supports the longer extensions for better long term wear, and it creates a dark lash line eliminating the need for mascara. 

Is your Eyelash Extension Specialist licensed with the state?

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) REQUIRES an 
Eyelash Extension Specialty License
to apply and  remove semi-permanent, thread-like extensions composed of single fibers to a person’s eyelashes, and cleanse the eye area and lashes.   Other cosmetology and esthetician licensing may not apply to eyelash extensions. 

What products are they using, and where did they come from?
It is important to know not only what products are being used on you, but where they were manufactured.  Not all adhesives or eyelash extensions are the same!  Your lash extension specialist should be able to provide you with a copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for all of the products they are using on you.  
  • Make sure your Lash Extensionist is using Medical-Grade adhesive designed specifically for eyelash extensions!

 There are a variety of individual eyelash extensions including acrylic synthetics, faux mink, silk, and human hair.

Each has a unique benefit and weakness as well.

  • Acrylic Eyelash Extensions (plastic synthetic) – The original, harshest, and most dramatic.  Pro: They come in every desired length and curl and thickness. They are widely available and the most common lash used in this industry. You get maximum drama with plastic synthetics. Con: Very hard, not flexible, heavy, cause damage if not well maintained, do not last very long and require frequent fills. They tend to lift, flip around and lean to one side or the other as they grow out because of their heavy weight.
  • Synthetic Mink (poly-fiber or poly-fiber blend AKA faux mink) -  The one that changed eyelash extensions forever.  Pro: Like plastic synthetic, these come in every length and curl but have more flex and are more natural looking. Some have called this higher quality synthetic eyelash extension a MINK. Con: Firmer lash type and not suitable for very fine, weak and sparse natural lashes.
  •  Silk: (silk blend or poly-fiber, is sometimes called silk)  The one that introduced softness.  Contrary to popular belief, these lashes are not actual silk, but a synthetic silk.  Pro: They are quite soft and flexible. They come in all lengths and curls. They are light. They can look natural or applied for drama. Con: They don't provide as much drama as plastic synthetics and are more vulnerable to kinking and changing shape.
  •  Human Hair:  Very fine, and does not dramatically change the appearance of your lashes.  Pro: The cuticle is helpful in bonding and they hold on quite well. They are soft, available in various lengths and curls. Con: They mainly come out of Korea and a harvested off of cutting room floors. The do not hold their curl. Some hairs go straight while others keep their curl when washed a few times. They can look singed as they age. 
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